Lady required for elderly care of 80year old woman

Hi, we require a marathi speaking woman to take care of our 80yr old grandma.she requires support for waking, changing clothes, as recently she had a leg operation. LOCATION: Mira road easf Kindly provide any reliable contacts if any.

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Any good nanny or baby sitter agency in pune

Shijan Haidar

I am about to deliver a child and looking for a nanny or a very trusted day creche for my child after i start working. Any suggestions?

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Trusted full time maid agencies in Pune

Jeevika Salvi

Hello people, I am looking for reliable and trusted maid agencies in pune who can help me looking for a full time maid and nanny in pune. Please help

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what is the usual nanny agency fees?

Ratan Kisan Sawant

The local agency is demanding 30000 rupees from me? Should I pay ?

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Help me with some nanny agencies in mumbai

Srushti Desai

Any reliable nanny agencies in mumbai or pune ? Desperately looking for one

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