Our vision is to be the India's largest aggregator for domestic maid bureaus; to build a place where anyone can come to discover and hire any domestic help they want.

We are building an unique
Technology company

BookMyBai is India's only platform through which home owners can hire a domestic help online. The current $7 billion industry is highly unorganized and is plagued with non-professionals who not only take the home owners for a ride but also leave a very bad taste and name for the industry

This company is striving to change this forever. Home owners can now watch pre-recorded interviews online before meeting the help personally. Hence disrupting a space which has always been a very big problem in a country like India

Five points

  • We are professionals

    Almost 99% of the all the maid bureaus in the city are run by people who are not educated but have access to maids because they live in the same area. They get into the business to make quick money and get out. This results in extremely poor client satisfaction.

  • We are a technology company

    The usual process of hiring a maid is calling up a maid bureau who will make a note of your requirement and will send you 2 or 3 options and you have to choose one. With the use of technology you can watch thousands of videos and meet only those who you feel is fit for the job

  • We are an aggregator

    We partner with the best and the most reliable maid bureaus. When we get your requirement, all of them jump into action to make sure you get a maid of your preference. Hence the turnaround time reduces

  • We deliver great experience and value your time

    Our customer service executives have been trained to make sure that your experience of using our services is according to global standards

  • We hire smart and creative people

    We strongly believe that great companies are built by great people. We hire smart, ambitious youngters who are not doing this because of their salary but because they think they are working towards making this a billion dollar company

Meet the founders

Anupam sinhal

Anupam Sinhal


He calls himself a mechanic. He is a bachelor in computer science and loves to build stuff. BookMyBai is his dream project. He is involved with the technology front of the company along with assisting his co-founder in the on-field operations. He is passionate about building disruptive technogies. His earlier venture Homado.com - An online marketplace for interior designers was acquired by a leading e-commerce company

Vickash Chowdhury


He weaves magic into the company. Mostly involved with the back-end operations of the call-center, customer satisfaction is the only goal he has on his mind. Handles the on-field operation along with Anupam. Marketing guru and talks finance like theres no tomorrow

Anupam sinhal

Our Team

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