Difference between other maid agencies and bookmybai

Other maid agencies

Most of them are not registered companies with no way to track them
Will charge an advance payment - Will not answer phone calls
Have a small database of 20-30 maids.
Charge renewal fees after 1 year
Place the same maid somewhere else after you pay them
Will not answer phone calls when you ask for replacement
Will only claim to do a background check. Will never do it
Run by a single man


A professional corporate company with reliability
No advance payment. Pay only after the maid joins
Have a database of over 50000 maids and growing
No renewal fees
We are ethical. Client satisfaction is most important
Immediate replacement
We do document verification of the maid
Over 100 employees working for your satisfaction

Why Use BookMyBai?

Quick & Easy Quick & Easy

No need to wait for maid to come for interview. Search - Watch interview - Select

Safe & Reliable Safe & Reliable

Your safety is our first priority. We do a thorough background check of every maid

Multiple Options Multiple Options

Watch as many interviews as you want. Select only the one you find best

High Quality High Quality

Only skilled maids are registered with us.

Free Replacement Free Replacement

If the maid leaves for any reason within 30 days of joining, we will replace the maid. No questions asked

Service Service

We are not just another maid agency. We have strong ethics and customers comes first!

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