When can I leave my newborn with a babysitter?

Sarika Edvankar

Is it okay to leave my new born baby with a baby sitter while I goto work ?

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i think the avg salary of a nanny is arnd 10k to 14k. I have been paying 15k to my nanny. but she is very good

Preeti Jayan Dhanu

Ashok where do you live. And how much salary do you pay to your nanny ?

Poonam Bhujbal

If you find a good baby sitter then you can leave the baby immediately and join work after 15 days. Thats what I did

Minakshi Moynak

Khushboo - I got mine from this website only bookmybai . it took me 2 days to get a decent one.

Trevora Rapose

I here Philippines.i want job mumbi Im experience baby sitter

Marjelyn mancao

i agree with trevora. this website is a blessing. They took the entire infmatin and found me a very reliable nanny in 1 day. very nice service. good to have such companies in mumbai

Ashok Gopale

Minakshi. but where do i find a good baby sitter :(

Khushboo Maurya

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