Diet for breastfeeding moms?

Sneha Gawade

Hii evrybdy...I am 1 month 7 days girl child mother.I don't know wot happened to her.she is crying since 3,4 days.I think due to cramps in hr stomach.she feeds well,burps well,release gas too but spit out milk many times.and she is disturbed. Tel me wot to do?? I am having evrythng in my diet like mutton,fish,chicken n all vegetables, DAT gud???please suggest me as soon as possible. Thank u

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You are a "mum" not a "mom". Kya is spelled "what" not "wot". In is spelled "that" not "DAT".

Narendra Patel

me too having the same problem,with my 3 months old daughter. every time after feeding she split milk or vomit. please suggest me also.

Mangal Patil

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