which baby milk formula are you using?

Kajol Pachauri

We are in France and have just swtiched to Enfamil Premium lipil, which is a US brand...The brand we used to give Bhavya was a French one but it was so so... Which brand do you go for ? (please, no comments such as " I though you were breastfeeding, lalli!", dear friends, this is a sensitive issue as I have not managed to breastfeed my daughter because of flat nipples....Though I was trying with fake silicone nipples, Bhavya was not latching on properly...I insisted and persisted for some days and weeks but she would become as red as a tomato and lose her temper so much she was hungry!!!so, better luck next time for the second baby maybe......

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If you are travelling for a short time better to carry the baby food she is used to rather than trying something new...And aptamil I doubt whether you have it in India..Abott has launched Similac in India I think..I had used Similac for Leah all through her early childhood and now it is pediasure from Abott itself...Every child is different..May be this time it may not work....

Minu Salvi

All grandparents think the same about Indian stuff...It is important to start formula after 6 months of age..By 6 months baby requires more nutrition than before and formulas help them do that..In infants how much ever try compensating through food stuffs still they lack getting all the nutrition unless formula is there...They need nutrient dense drinks and snacks as their quantity of intake will be very low..Children tend to consume solid food in lesser quantities...So formula will cover up for rest of the needs...Door to door is parcel service which we have in gulf for India..They pick up stuff from home and deliver it to your door step in India..I have send my baby stuff this time too like that as I could not carry too much luggage...

Ankita Patole

Hi all My baby is almost two moths old now and I have just bought Farex formula milk for her. Her doctor strictly said a no to formula milk saying I should keep her on my own milk, which is okay but I want to get her in some sort of a habit to drink a little (20ml) formula milk just in case when I cannot feed her (outside, railway stations, Army parties etc) I've tried giving her this milk twice but she just refuses to drink it. Its funny, the face she makes when she realizes its not mommy's milk but something else. What should I do?

Milan Shrikant Sawant

Miracle by the time she comes to India I think Ritu will be 5 months+...Remya better to carry things from there...You cant compare the quality with Indian made ones..When I used to stay long term I used to get the door to door service as Miracle mentioned..

Shamal Kadam

I give my month old daughter enfamil infant mostly at night when she is not sleeping due to a half full tummy. She likes it and I know that enfamil is good in terms of baby gaining weight and getting the right nourishment. If your daughter likes it and if its available in France, why don't u continue with it?

Indira Pawar

isnt bm sufficient after 6 months also. so many women feed till 2 years, along with the solids. ofcourse, you would also start with juices and soups and stuff which also provide nutrition. regarding quality, i too believe that the make differs and the cost as well, depending upon where it is done. if the make is local, the price is cheaper, but doesnt really mean that it will be bad or low quality. i used to buy diapers made in Saudi, here, until i chanced upon diaper imported from US, which was a whooping 3times the price of the local one, but it was a lovely diaper. when i first bought it, i yelled at my husband, till i realised how good it was. When i travelled to india, i took a huge quantity of it, but would use it only at night.During the day time, i would use the local brand. but nowadays you do get good stuff in India. But since you are not sure, take all with you and go.


I have heard about this quality difference (esp in diaper) but when I try telling this to my mom she thinks am the typical NRI who feels evrything in India is cheap and bad :( She argues that children in India also uses the same brand and have no problem. One more doubt, after 6 months, do we have to give the formula milk along with bm and solid food?

Nasrim Mustaf Boblai

not sure if it's available in India. Am not based in India, so Wundt know very well.I have frequently heard of only nan1 and lactogen. My ped suggested aptamil since its not iron fortified. And like anju suggested, it's better that you take these things with you when on vacation. We used to do the same thing. I would takes the diapers, milk, calculate it generously per day, and add two for each day, and take all that with me, including swipes, creams etc. Check if you have the door to door service so you can send the things in advance. But you are going well with the bf, are u planning on stopping?

Jessy George

I was using similac, but my laddoo was having lots of gas n potty problems with it, so I switched over to gigoz which is Nestlé brand, but its iron fortified. She's still having constipation. Her ped has asked us to check aptamil which is without iron,, if constipation still continues.

Ankita Potdar

A friend of mine uses Humana...its super good ..no constipation, no gas problems...

Parthibha Salve

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