Archana Kumari Singh

Archana Kumari Singh

  • Age : 26 Years

    Native : Odisha

  • Experience : 15.0 Years

  • Education : I am not educated. I can speak fluent Hindi, Odiya

  • Looking for 24 hours-Live in job in Mumbai

  • Current Location : Mumbai

  • Preferred City : Mumbai

Family Background

I am not married. I am 26 years old. In my home town I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers and mother. I do not have a father. My mother is a house-wife. I am the money-earner in my family. My brothers do not contribute to the family earning. I am christian

Work Experience

I have 15 years work experience. I have worked in Goa for 11 years and in Mumbai 4 years. I started working when I was around 11 years old. In Goa i was doing cooking work. In Mumbai I was taking care of senior citizen. I was also doing cooking at their home.

Type of work required

I am looking for cooking work. I am cook veg and nonveg items like idli dosa, paratha, chola bathura, poha upma, chicken, mutton, fish etc. I know Indian cooking. I also know a little bit of pasta and noodles but not very well. I will not do floor cleaning and bathroom cleaning. I can help in top-work like utensils, making bed, dusting, clothes iron etc.


I am not pet-friendly

Salary Expectation

15000 - 16000