Akashta singh

Akashta singh

  • Age : 20 Years

    Native : odisha

  • Experience : 3.0 Years

  • Education : Hindi

  • Looking for 24 hours-Live in job in Mumbai

  • Current Location : odisha

  • Preferred City : MUMBAI

Family Background

I am not married. I have my parents, brother and sister who all live in the village. They are farmers in the village. I am christian

Work Experience

I have worked for 2 years as a cleaner and helping hand in kitchen Work and i have worked for 1 year in Goregaon as a cleaner

Type of work required

Want a job for home cleaning like floor, utensils, clothes ironing, dusting etc.I can also help in kitchen for cutting, chopping etc. Please note: I do not know full cooking


I am not pet-friendly. I am scared of dogs

Salary Expectation


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