Top 10 Qualities to Look for in a maid

Friday, April 10, 2015

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When searching for the best housekeeper for your specific needs and preferences, there are many aspects for you to consider. Therefore, it can be helpful to know some of the top qualities to look for in an ideal housekeeper.

Reputation: Finding a housekeeper with a good reputation is vital in ensuring you receive the best possible house cleaning services. A professional with a good reputation is likely to provide quality services.

Services offered: It is extremely important that you know the services a housekeeper can provide for you to ensure such services meet your specific needs and preferences.

Cost of services: While cost should not be the main factor you consider when hiring a housekeeper, it is certainly something to keep in mind. However, you should compare cost to quality when it comes to services.

Availability: It is important to determine the availability of the housekeeper you plan to hire to make sure his or her schedule works with yours.

References: You should make sure any housekeeper you hire can provide you with several solid references, as this ensures he or she can provide you with the level of cleaning services you expect.

Employed by professional company: A housekeeper employed by a professional cleaning company is more likely to provide you with quality cleaning services and techniques than one who is self-employed, as most professional companies require their employees to undergo extensive training.

Insurance: You should search for a housekeeper that has insurance, as this protects you from being financially responsible if he or she has an on-the-job accident. Insurance also protects you from any theft issues that may arise.

Licensing: If possible, you should find a house cleaning company that is licensed, as this ensures the company has met stringent requirements and can provide you with top-quality cleaning services.

Bonding: A cleaning company that is bonded guarantees they can complete any cleaning tasks for you or they can hire another cleaning company to complete these tasks if your current housekeeper cannot do so.

Presence of contract: Depending on the housekeeper you hire, you may be able to sign a contract to guarantee regular cleaning for your home.

Hiring a housekeeper is an excellent solution if you want to maintain a clean home without the hassle of cleaning it yourself. For more information about hiring a professional housekeeper, you should contact a local cleaning company.

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Looking for a good maid to work for 3-4 hours (7am to 11am) in Andheri West, Lokhandwala area for a very small family of 2. Good pay.

Kajal Das

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