Why did BookMyBai put a blanket-ban on providing a maid to Bollywood celebrities

Saturday, April 8, 2017

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Note: I am not a good writer. Bear with me for the detailed article. However this was important.


I am a big fan of Bollywood movies. I also admire a lot of actors for their acting skills. However this admiration takes a huge U-turn when it comes to deal with some so-called “Bollywood celebrities” and providing them with a service.


BookMyBai is in a very high eye-ball business. Almost everyone needs our service. There is a common saying – “Maid – You cant live with them, you cant live without them” – We started BookMyBai with an aim to permanently disrupt this industry and become the go-to service whenever a family need a domestic help. After a lot of hard-work and innovation, we proudly claim that our hard-work is starting to pay-off and we have provided a good and reliable domestic help to over 10000 households. Most of the maid agencies in India are fraud and fly-by-night and due to this we are becoming the preferred service to hire a maid.


Fortunately, out of the 10000 households that we have served, we have not come across even a single case of harassment/exploitation. But this figure comes to a rest when it comes to providing a domestic help to a “Bollywood celebrity”.


We all are fans of some celebrity or other. We look upto them. They become role-models. Some of them also get prestigious national awards for their work. BookMyBai has worked very closely with a lot of Bollywood celebrities and provided them with  a  good domestic help in Mumbai and other cities and our experience has not been less than horrendous.


This piece that I am writing is to bring awareness of how some of these Bollywood celebrities exploit services. I know that I am generalizing and weighing them all in the same scale. But I am only talking out of my personal experience of providing a domestic help to over 20 bollywood celebrities in Mumbai. This is also to put in a word of caution to other buddy-startups who might fall into the trap and end up losing that precious revenue. As a matter of fact, now BookMyBai has a blanket ban on all Bollywood celebrities and we have instructed our team to not provide domestic helps to any of them.


Let me explain my experience by detailing some of the cases that has happened


1)    Celebrity 1


She came to us looking for a male helper at a budget of Rs. 4000 per month! This is even lower than the minimum wage of Maharashtra. We refused and told her that we wont be able to provide a helper in this budget (wonder where does all the money go which earns through her movies). After a lot of negotiation she finally agreed upon Rs.10000 per month (which was still on the lower side considering she has a 4-bhk home and the helper needed to clean the home 6 times everyday! Yes- 6 times!) – We went ahead and provided the helper and all was going well. Unfortunately the mother of the helper passed away. The helper was from Bihar and he wanted to go back to Bihar to perform the last rituals. He promised to be back after 15 days since he wanted the money to support his family. The “celebrity” called us and told us that she wont let the person go till the time we send in a replacement. This was at 5.45pm on a Saturday evening. Our office is shut on Sundays. We promised to send a replacement on Monday and requested her to release the helper since he has to go for his mothers last ritual. Guess what! She did not. She could not care less. We did give a replacement on Monday. But the helper missed out on her mothers last ritual. I have no words to the extent of disgust I now have for this lady


2)      Celebrity 2


She is a unique case altogether. She has a huge home in Mumbai suburbs and she hired a maid through us. BookMyBai has a 6-month replacement clause with the employers which means that if any domestic help leaves within the first 6-months, then we would provide a free replacement. The extent of torture and harassment to the maids was so high that we replaced maids 7 times. Each maid worked for 7-10 days before giving up and quitting. She drives a 3 crore car. Doesn’t give food to her domestic help. NO FOOD!!! Really!! Drink tea and eat bread 3 times a day. Wow!

Finally we gave the full-refund to the lady since she threatened us that her brother will send in a few bouncers to our office and “fix” us up. I didn’t want this atmosphere in my office and chose to part ways



3)      Celebrity 3


This experience actually convinced my team that we would not deal with celebrities anymore. Physical abuse of the maid was almost a daily affair. As soon as we got to know, we asked the maid to leave as soon as possible. When she came to our office, we could see physical marks on her body of physical abuse. We supported her and wanted to file a complaint in the local police station. But she asked us to let it go. She didn’t have the time to run to the police station every time the police calls her. Every time she would be summoned she would have to miss work and not get paid. We understand her concern. Without her support the police refused to take a complaint and we we couldnt file a case against the employer. 


The best part is this – We have a very strict abuse clause in our contract and the employer is not given a replacement if there is any form of abuse. The celebrity called us and told us that she has 4 lakh followers on twitter and she would post bad tweets about the company if we don’t give her a replacement. We enquired with the building security guard who says no one stick in this home for over a week since she beats them all.


4)      Celebrity 4


She has all the money in the world. Yet she couldn’t solve her maid issues. Her P.A. reached out to us and told us about the requirement. Initially we were very excited since this would open up avenues for future round of funding for the company too. She was also paying well. Atleast more than Mumbai market rate. However her attitude towards the staff was not less than someone who is uneducated. Verbal and physical abuse was a part of her daily routine. The maid got so fed up that she just absconded to her village and never came back. This left such a huge scar in her mind that later she told us she would never want to come back to any city. Now this left us to wonder. How do these people abuse their domestic helps as slaves. Again – we were threatened with legal cases and obviously a small startup of mine cannot deal with legal notices from lawyers who charge Rs. 25 lakhs per hearing! We refunded and closed the case.


5)      Celebrity 5

This one is a classic. She took a maid from us. Everything was fine and the maid was happy. No abuse/harassment whatsoever. However she refused to pay us our service charges. BookMyBai charges about Rs. 15000 for a live-in maid. Initially when we were calling her for our payment, she stopped taking our calls. Later she flat-out refused to pay and said –“jo karna hai karlo!” – If I am not wrong, she got multiple crores as alimony from her husband. She infact told us that if we call her again then she would file a case of harassment and extortion with the crime branch. CRIME BRANCH! Wow!


These are just a few cases which I have listed out. We have never come across cases like this with our not-a-bollywood-celebrity clients. Even if there is a deficiency of service, we mutually resolve the issue and come to an understanding. However these celebs have shaken our trust in all of them and we have now issued a blanket-ban


Fellow-startups – Beware! I have listed only one case where the celebrity has refused to pay us. However there has been over 6 such cases where they have threatened to spoil the company's name by filing false complaints. 


All these cases disturb me. They also give the team a very good perspective.


For BookMyBai the safety and security of our domestic help is the highest priority. We are fine if we do not earn money from a certain employer. The least that we expect is that he/she can treat a person like a human should be treated. I also hope the legal system of this country improves for the better so that these ladies who work as a domestic help feel empowered and do not feel scared to report a case of abuse. 


I hope some of you might be able to share this post with your friends and family to spread awareness about these inhuman celebrities and the way they function. Maybe after reading this post they might want to change the way they treat their support staff!

Comments (85)

Thank-you for highlighting these shocking and disgusting attitude of Btown celebs. It's absolutely shocking and unbelievable. And all new low for them. You should totally take names of the celebrities so that their SICK attitude and two-faced nature comes out in public. "The celebrity called us and told us that she has 4 lakh followers on twitter and she would post bad tweets about the company if we don’t give her a replacement. " Startups like Bookmybai.com don't have the kind of following as these bitch celebrities; all the more reason to name them in public so that they will be shamed and lose their power to harass honest ethical companies.

Nikhita Prabhudesai

Pathetic! Not surprised though. Pity those citizens who treat them as god/goddess/role models.


My question is for so-called feminists who always advocate on Patriarchy....If the case of violence against women by men, many feminists definitely say that it is all about Patriarchy. What are their views ...all maids are abused by women ???..Feminists blatantly assumed that men can’t be tormented and violence against men is a joke to crack upon. Patriarchy has sublimely portrayed men as an epitome of masculinity without emotions. In fact, it shows no concern for genuine men. As a chunk of crime and acts of violence against women are supported and conceived by women themselves; patriarchy disapproves itself. It has in fact no gender.

R Khanal

All the examples were 'SHE' .... & I may be stamped as sexist now!

Vivek Goel

Why dont u make their names public??

saswat samal

Any male celebrity anecdotes?


I agree. They are the worse


Oh god these people are monsters; no respect and value for other persons work and life. This proves money can't buy you basic etiquette and principals.


You should disclose there names so that all should know the real faces of these B-town celebrities. What they think about themselves, are they GOD or what?

Nitin Gonnade

Bad people every where... where to go now!!!

Amir Khan

I am from UAE. There are strict labor laws here to protect maids that clearly state weekly off, providing food, shelter and other standard benefits. Indian labor court should come up with something similar for maids. Reading the story of Bookmybai, I guess we "non-celebrities" are much better of as humans, where our maids shed their tears when they have to leave us or their contract is finished. Thank God I am not a "celebrity" ;-)


As a lawyer, I would strongly recommend keeping all emails and recording all calls made from/to your service as a normal part of business records. Try taking a credit card authorisation/debit mandate before initiating any service. After completion of 7, 14,30 and 60 days marks, both maid (offline) and employer (online) should fill a service fulfillment form. This way you can keep records which may be useful in the future.

Anirban Sen

I never had any respect for these guys any day. Since I can not use any vulgar language here to define them, we need to find out a method to name and shame them. There has to be a campaign to boycott such characterless people's movies or whatever.

Samson Chacko

I feel sick about that crazy actress from the suburbs who drives around a 3 crore car. Shows how low-cultured and uncivilised she is. Sickening. I wouldn't serve her a glass of water for all her worth - she's too cheap.


I'm honestly a little shocked. With all the adulation and money that flows in for them with each movie, this is not how we expect them to behave with ppl less fortunate than them. I know you cant make their names public else legal lawsuits may follow, but I'd seriously like to know who these are, so I can, in my own small way, not contribute to their extravagant lifestyle - by boycotting their movies. If you do wish to share those names with me, pls email me n I swear I won't circulate it further.


Why don't you reveal names of these so called celebrities? While they keep screaming and shouting about equal pay to women, this is how they treat women in their own homes. They have ample money to travel for Women empowerment summits but can't treat their maids as a human being. Hypocrites of the first order. It's time to name and shame them. Just the way they run to police station for every scratch, they should be sent behind bars for so much abuse to these hapless women. I am sure many people will stand by you. I request the owner of this platform to write to Maneka Gandhi and get justice for these maids. Let's see what she does. Also write to Maharashtra State Women's Commission . I really want to see what they do to these celebrity abusers. Psycho women. Gold diggers.

Deepika Bhardwaj

Celebrities are treated like gods in our country. They take undue advantage over it. Glad that your company took a stand and stood up for basic human rights and dignity. You should have taken their names and shamed these blood-sucking so called gutter celebrities.


Sorry to know that NO action was taken against these celebrities for such a BIG crime! Hoe dare they beat and abuse helpless and poor fellows? I just request you file a complaint against them and ask for support from common people like us and see the power of mob. Trust me, their money won't help them at all! It's WE who have made them reach where they are.. they must be exposed and must be punished!


Yes, If your contract does NOT stop You from making their names Public do that. Or Post on your website. While we worked with them " Once Upon a time". This may make people boycott these Idiots.


some of these cases need to be looked from all aspects. some of the maids are pathetic, unreasonable and lie and misrepresent things all the time. when you are paying them 12-20K a month why should food be provided? tea and snacks shd suffice and they should carry from home. all of us who work do same. this is a post of your own unprofessionalism and perhaps not providing replacements.


Bollywood represents a group of people who think of themselves as GODs in a country famous for it's illiterate class who do stupid HERO-worship. Bollywood is an industry filled with Nepotism,nonsensical story lines , casting couches, thugs etc. They invest 100 crore in a movie and reap 200 crores right out of the pockets of the millions of working class-minions of the country.What an easy life for some actors.


Also, in your tag line "6 months replacement period - If the maid chooses to leave or you let the maid go, we will replace the maid for FREE. No questions asked!" Add an asterisk to No questions asked and add Conditions Apply.

Anirban Sen

Name and shame these celebrities. You own that much to those poor maids


I've always been horrified by the grim lives of domestic help in India. My third book is a novel about the life of a 'servant' in India... Based on a true story... And no publisher will touch it... It's an issue no one wants to address... :(


They r thinking what they're doing is well, there for they' re not care.

Jk. Bhatt

All that glitters is NOT gold. This is also true in this case, as the Bollywood celebs we admire are not so gentle in their real life which they play in films to earn money. "Bookmybai" should come out with names of such shameless celebs who tortured the hapless maids, so that their fans can see their hidden face.

Vijay Singh

You should name those celebrities. Celebrities are not gods. They eat the same shit what we eat. They are not aliens. If you are one of those celebrities and if you're reading this comment, you are not a human. I consider you a pig.. a celebrity pig..


Sir ji one can take a full Bollywood movie based on Your real incidents... wow very sad that these kind of People exist in this world....


Hi! Thanks for the feedback bro, I was starting such service with damnrasoi.in but after reading your experience I recall my days when i was consulting Fortune 500 companies. They were very heartless and not even my 10% of revenue came from them. Small is Big. Jab Tak Modi hai tab tak khodi hai.


jhsakjxh ksahj


Read your stories but the problem is I was trying to find a maid for long time. I had also registered at your website with the initial fees but no one contact me nor I could contact anyone. Where is the service? if you dont provide any service why did you took the money?

Panchali Banerjee

Did you try to find out what was the pattern of maids not doing right? A glimpse on that in your version would have been nice and balanced. 2. I am a lawyer and I don't charge anyone 25 Lakh per hearing please not convinced with your versions. 3. I too tried reaching out to your teams most of your profiles are not relevant or simple databases. My experience of shortlisting few and reaching out to your teams was not very professional too. 4. After multiple followups too really noone responded. 5. Database has many facts that are untrue when I checked with your staff they kept on saying this is system error etc. 6. I think you guys need to dig deeper into the kind of facts and expectations you are building and are you able to match and provide appropriate resource for it. 7. Your rates are also much higher than market prices but for quality noone minds paying that now a days.


Ok now I am in the category of not-Bollywood - celebrity but why is my requirements being neglected? I am trying to call up since 2 days after paying online charges. I am a working lady and I can call from 5:30 but seems like your staff doesn't believe in working in the last half an hour of the day! Can you please let me know how to get my refund of Rs1000 which I have paid for nothing? My registered number is 9819075885.


Hello, Nice Article!


sdf sdffdsf


I have a small query. Why are your rates not linked to the different minimum wages in different states? For example, minimum wages in Karnataka for domestic work is Rs 11700 per month. The rule says, if food and shelter is offered (i.e. for live in person) the rate should be less by 2500. But you have a flat Rs 15000 for any place. Are you sure this is legal? As a placement service, are you registered under the Maharashtra Domestic Workers Act and Rules?

Aditya Biswas

I am your true heard anyone. my all movements lacked. my one day food money one dollar no. please help me. please help me quick response. please help me quick please help.


All company, all agencies misused no help.

Alagu Sundaram

No help what Bollywood big stars why?

Alagu Sundaram

Reveal the names. Its time to shame them.

Jordan Rhodes

Don't worry, we are with you management of bookmybi, such people are shame on our society, now, all we Indian need to understand that bolly celebs are not GOD , stop following them blindly, but, don't worry everyone, Gita said whatever you do good or bad comes to you, these celebs life ended with alcohol, drug, prostitution and finally sucide, many examples, so chill everyone, we are far better happy and good human being than so called celebrity.


Send one more maid with one more time. And this time with secret camera. And please don't be scared. People already supporting you


1st one is Farah Khan for sure as she is the only one with 4BHK in Mumbai

Ashish Agrawal

I read your article almost a week back, but unlike any other gossip article, this one stayed with me as it still disgusts me and bothers me. It bothers me because maybe in my desire to be entertained, I am perhaps still throwing my money into such ppls extravagant lifestyles. I won't stop watching movies, but if I have the names, I will definitely stop watching movies where these so called 'stars' feature. I don't want the names for any gossip, but for my own self interest, cos I'd hate to know someday later that I even contributed a penny to one of these scums that got them to behave in this inhumane manner. Request you to pls email me those names...It wont go out I promise....don't send it from your official mail either; even a random email id would do but I'd really wanna know who these scums are. This thing will bother me till I know those names.


Its not celeb fault... Its you who made them so called stars and role models. And try to understand your individual dreams and desires has made millions to sleep empty stomach. Stay simple... Stay human


i wish you had recorded them by spycams and sued them later and put their videos on youtube.


I have been in the hospitality industry for 4 decades and can confirm with personal experience that Bollywood celebs are the worst clients one can cone across. Getting paid by them for services rendered is an exception rather than normal. In 70s & 80s when I first entered the industry there were some top class hotel chains which had a blanket ban on film stars

Yog Raj

Good job on revealing this! Truly respect your courage and initiative. Also great post, fun to read as well! Since you have already gone halfway why don't you go the full length and also post their names! You have to or else there's no point without that, the justice won't be served! the entire world needs to know who these self-obsessed people are who look like whatever on the outside but on the inside are horrible monsters breaking apart and tearing everyone else with them! Being a celeb, but still can't feed their maid?? who the f eats bread 3 times a day! these people deserve to be shamed, named and forgotten.

Manu Sharma`

You know what bollywood is a filthy business filled with filthy people. These are the entitled pricks who people see and learn. How they get drunk and drive cars? Salman Khan did in real life and he killed people and in bail. He killed endangered species of Black Buck, no one gives a damn. And people throw money at them like they deserve it. Then they use fairness creams and stuff to show how white skin ins superior. Hire only white European looking women for dances. They are very sexist and misogynistic. Promote chasing mentality of Indian youth, which might end up in bad situations like acid attacks and murder. These idiots are not the example.


Why don't you collect the amount upfront?


These are heart touching stories. People think all these celebrities are kind hearted. The fact is that several of them are jobless in this mean and selfish world of cinema. These types are generally freeloaders in dinner parties thrown by wealthy and eagerly wait for invitations. In fact, these people have become so lazy that they can not do any work and on the other hand their pocket is empty. However, other celebrities who have means but do not pay have mental issues of storing the wealth. Anyway, you must still explore ways to prosecute that person who physically beat the maid. I am ready to help in this matter if successful prosecution can be launched.

Anand Mohan

I would implore you to reveal names of these 'celebrities' as a duty towards citizens of India, particularly younger generation who naively follow these people. This will be great education for them to develop good values and appreciate dignity of life

R Gautam

The celebrity who threatened with 4M Tweet Followers, was she Soldier actress?


You know what, even I can hire a really good fiction writer and make up all these stories and put it on a relevant blog. These stories are all fake until you name and shame these celebrities. I don't believe them.


I don't know how much you will succed in indian market as i know people don't value life. Money makes you respect people more money you have in bank account more rude you become to poor.


Interested in celeb 2 and her bouncies .. I could jiggy em up whereva she deeziierz to .. in Mumbai, outside, whateva side .. bring it ON.


it is strange but still i feel all people are not the same


Why dont you name and shame these people.

Himanshu Gupta

With wealth, craze for fame and greed these people have lost their soul. Sad our country still offers a Demi God treatment to the so called celebs of this industry. Even actors with history of crimes behind them are shamelessly worshipped by their fans or have biopics made on them. Honestly its us to blame.


Please make the names public (if you have evidence). These B-Dogs earn money doing nothing worthless. When some earn money without effort this is what happens.


Thank you Anupam for sharing this. I can understand reason behind not disclosing their names but they really not deserve any respect at all. Thank you for showing courage and taking this step.

Anjan Kumar Singh

If all these disgusts you, go an extra step and please stop watching these atrocious, unreal, time waste movies... you'd do the nation a big favour. The kind of privileged idiots this industry breeds - they'd be jobless without the mad fan base.


Paisa aa gaya, class nahin aayi.

Aman Khetarpal

You should disclose their names...Sothat they will completly ban from every services from every company


There should be ban on every perspective. Problem is they get more than they deserve it, hence their mentality became very cheap. All should avoid to give them importance.....They really never think about the middle or lower middle class people....Useless celebrities.


Male celebrities? We all know of Shiney Ahuja


These guys are very powerful. They know how to play with the system. If he reveals their name next thing you know he will start getting calls from guys from underworld. All of us know that law only exist for common people.


Yes being a start up you are always constraint with cash liquidity but there is no stopping you from reporting the cases to police, name and shame these people. Further, the amount of budget you have for marketing, one case you file will get the public reach worth the full budget and you would get above all national publicity for being transparent and supportive of your staff. Just pick one high profile celebrity case, other celebrities will come to you to settle under the fear that you may take legal action against them. Just keep full documentary evidence and be clean at your end.


That's really bad, read only 5 cases and my mind is full of disgust against such stupid millionnairs. Really proving the proverb true. all these Ghadha (and Gadhis) are Pahelwan coz Allah is Maherban


Can u tell us their names....

Saras jain

Name and Shame those a******s.


You guys r not too good yourself. I have paid the 1000 rs registration n heard only once from you all. I find your blogs bit hard to believe considering your lack of professionalism


Disgusting. But it is we people who have made them famous. Even if they have headaches it's a headline on media. Recently they started making headlines in having babies by surrogacy. Cheap Indian media is responsible for this. One should see their behaviour after parties. Ladies are worse after drinking. If anything wrong is written above them all their stooges and cronies come out to haunt. Behind screen these are worst creatures. Shameless


Maybe you just made it all up to get publicity. This blog post is certainly trending on social media


We should set up a funding/donation page to collect money for legal defence and then publish all the names and case details of these celebrities


natural justice..thye end up as aids in old age


I think most of the Bollywood celebrities are self centered egomaniac's except very few . This is the only thing you can expect from egomaniacs. Part of the reason is we adulate so much that most these egomaniacs take success for granted and behave rudely with others. We should. Stop giving them undue importance .


I think celebrity 5 is karishma kapoor.. she's got divorced.


If you don't make their name public then its assume that these blogs are written by you to attract more visitors on your site, this is an well known strategy.

Pradeep Kotkar

Why not make their names public? Human rights are much more valuable than the privacy and reputation of a 'Bollywood Star'...


These are just morally bankrupt and fake people who just put up a facade in front of everyone. They just happen to have learned how to make a mockery and fool of stupid Indians and have earned crores in the process. This just reaffirms my general disgust for such people.


tldr- they are also culpable. you do realise that you are making slavery more easy in India? please please desist. how are you different from slave traders in the 1800s. you may argue that if it were not for you people would get their maids in a different way. in that case the only reason you should continue in the business is if you are making a positive difference to the lives of maids and domestic helps. the first case where the person did not release the domestic help for rites is flat out slavery. a person in india has the option to freely walk out, the fact that you condoned this by not reporting to police is a black mark on your ethics. same when you saw domestic help being abused, Yet expected the domestic help to fight the abuser instead of standing up to them - shows that you dont care but are in it only for the money. Sorry guys, you have written a well meaning post, but you clearly have come out on the wrong side as well.

Rahul Madhavan

you do realise that you are making slavery more easy in India? please please desist. how are you different from slave traders in the 1800s. you may argue that if it were not for you people would get their maids in a different way. in that case thw only case in which you shoukd continue in the business is if you are making a positive difference to the lives of maids and domestic helps. the first case where the person did not release the domestic help for rites is flat out slavery. a person in india has the option to freely walk out, the fact that you condoned this by not reporting to police is a black mark on your ethics. same when you saw domestic helo being abused, Yet expected the domestic help to fight the abuser instead of standing up to them shows that you dont care but are in it only for the money. Sorry guys well making post you have written, but you clearly have come out on the wrong side as well.

Rahul Madhavan

Asshole bollywood celebs - no wonder most of them make shit movies.


Nice information. Thanks for sharing.


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