How To Find a Reliable babysitter

Friday, April 10, 2015

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You wouldn’t walk up to a teenage girl at the mall, ask her to hold your purse and walk away, but trusting your children with a new babysitter can feel just like that. So how do you find a good sitter — someone you can trust?

 Where To Look

Other parents are often great sources of sitters, if they’re willing to share! Be sure to ask for both positive and negative feedback.

Some churches, synagogues and neighborhood associations have lists of members who are available for babysitting. High school and college campuses often have newsletters or bulletin boards where you can post jobs. Many community newspapers offer domestic help wanted postings. Or consider organizing a co-op where parents take turns watching each other’s children for evenings out.

In our high-tech age, a convenient source of sitters is online referral agencies, such as , which match parents with local sitters and provide feedback and other resources.


There a lot of small bureau for baby sitter in mumbai. They provide baby sitting services in mumbai. However most of them them are not trustworthy since they are only hungry for the money that you would pay them. If you can come across a caregiver in mumbai through a referral then that is the best choice. There are also a lot of bureau for maids in Thane.

 What To Pay CEO Anupam Sinhal says teenage sitters typically have less childcare experience and charge a lower monthly rate. “Parents with school-aged children can benefit by hiring a teenage sitter and save some money on the rate,” he says.

“Also, many teenage sitters have at least one parent that is just a phone call away if they run into a situation that requires some assistance,” Anupam adds. “Parents with infants and toddlers may want to get a sitter with more childcare experience, who is usually an adult sitter. The monthly rate can go up significantly, but the piece of mind … is usually worth it.”

Monthly rates can vary greatly, from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 25000. Remember, you often get what you pay for.


Getting Started

“Have each spend an hour or two with the children while the parent is still at home. It’s a great opportunity for the children to be a part of the selection process. After all, they will be spending the most time with the candidate that is selected.”

“An enthusiastic sitter won’t resort to sticking the kids in front of the TV or talking on the phone for a few hours while she gets into who-knows-what,” Anupam says. “She’ll be alert and creative on the job, which will keep your kids safe and entertained — what more could you ask for?”

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I found this website very usefull... thanks bookmybai

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I want to hire baby sitter and patient care for my family, please suggest me good maids

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Is there any replacement for maid if she left the job?

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Baby sitter for < 10000 any help??

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Nice post, very helping

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