Urgently need 24 hour live in maid for cooking in kolkata

Reshma Deshpande

Urgently need and have a requirement of a 24 hour live in maid for cooking in kolkata

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I need a maid for cleaning & cooking of my house .female age 30-40.

sharmistha das

How much is the salary budget

Jenifer Pereira

Look no further. Hire through bookmybai

Meenakshi Kawnakar

If bookmybai has service in your area then hire through them. I have used their services

Rupali Ramesh Chavan

I tried couple of maid agencies. They are of no use.

Jaishree Madhurkar

Looking for a full time maid to stay with me in Rt Nagar Bangalore.she should knw Hindi English Bengali n fo household work and cooking.

Naghma Khan

Looking for a part time cook in Hegde Nagar. Morning btw 9 to 10.

Shruthi Raghava

Need a 12 hour help who can do all house hold work and cooking if not all atleast basic cooking in viscinity of sec 50 Nirvana country Gurgaon.

Piyalee Ghosh

I want a full time/10 hrs maid in Newtown action area 3 Kolkata

Rita Dutta

I ask that you lift me up in prayer and ask that I touch lives at work and through intervention of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit will receive full-time employment as a teachers panoerofpssiaral


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