Good gynecologist in mumbai ?

Vandana Rathod

I am 11 weeks into my first pregnancy. Have changed 4 doctors till date. They have added to stress. These docs came highly referred by friends. Kindly suggest some good doc who opts for a normal delivery as opposed to a c -section. Thanks

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Hi, I stay at bhandup west. I had a c- section 5 years back and now looking for vbac. I had in the past consulted dr Sangeeta sheety, dr vanita raut......I changed the doctors cause they were not willing to wait for labour pain to start post 40 weeks. Now I consulting dr roopa sheety from Shree Krishna hospital. She is willing to wait till 42 weeks. Which gynecologist you had consulted? Why were u not happy with them? You can try dr roopa sheety.

Trisha Pires

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