Any good source of part time maids in mumbai?

Rukshana Shaikh

I need a maid for 8 hours for cleaning and cooking in my 2bhk house. Any good source or suggestions ?

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I agree with Rupali. Even i took a maid from Bookmybai. They didnt take any advance also and got me a maid in bandra within 4 hours. My requirement was very simple that part time maid in mumbai in bandra and she should be able to handle my pet also. The maid they found was from Bandra only and she comes on time.

Pooja Gaikwad

Hi Archana. I contacted bookmybai and they provided me a good maid in malad. Not all agencies are bad.

Rupali Koli

Do not try any agency. I have used them and they take advance and dont provide maids later. Experience counts

Archana Padmane

Part time job

tanveer sayed

Pooja, is there any other online maid service in mumbai.

Bharti Talwar

Bharti, I used bookmybai. Very good.

Shevanta Pathare

I need tone job


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