Any good nanny or baby sitter agency in pune

Shijan Haidar

I am about to deliver a child and looking for a nanny or a very trusted day creche for my child after i start working. Any suggestions?

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It is really a very difficult decision. Is it not possible for you to extend your maternity leave for another 6 months ? You need to be very careful while leaving a 4 month old baby with a baby sitter as well as a good day care. Baby sitters should be very well trained and reliable too. Usually day care is preferred if the baby is above 18 to 20 months. A child's immunity develops with mother's milk which u must be aware of. U may as well look for a good day care near your office and drop in between to give your child your feed. Many offices allow these days for new mothers. If you are engaging a baby sitter, see that your mom or mother -in-law or any of your close relative is always at home to keep a tab on the baby sitter for some days/months till u get gain confidence. If your office is near, drop in to give ur feed and also to keep an eye on her. We keep hearing so many spine chilling incidents about baby sitters/Nanies these days. please do a thorough background check before employing her. I had a very horrible experience with a day care at Hyd when my daughter was just 5 months old. I had to leave her in a daycare as it was inevitable as i was doing a technical course and had to attend my classes for 2 hrs daily. Though i left her for two hours in the daycare , my daughter developed typhoid and dysentry within one and half months and was hospitalised. I don't say it happens to everybody. But u need to be very very careful. Inspite of taking all the care, she landed up in hospital at such a tender age. It was a real nightmare for me.... So I would recommend a trained baby sitter till your child turns one and half or two so that the immunity level in the child improves and the child is able to communicate something.

Rakhi Phansekar

Shijan i agree with smita. Go nowhere else. Trust no random nanny agency with your child. Bookmybai has verified baby sitters. I also hired through them

Pornima Gaikwad

i also want nanny for my 3 years old kid. since i am restarting my work. kindly suggest

richa mishra

I used the services of book my bai last year. They contacted me again this year to find out whether everything is all right. I am so so so happy. No other agency would have such customer service. Highly recommended


guys any good day care suggestions ?

Poonam Kamble

Pornima how much are you paying your nanny ?

Sujata Sawant

Did you speak to bookmybai team ? They have some very good nannies. I had hired one last year and i let her go last week since I did not need her anymore. My mother in law moved to pune.

Smita Desai

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