Any good cook agency in mumbai?

Mihika Kulkarni

I am looking for a full time cook in mumbai. Can somebody help me with names of agencies who supplies good quality cooks ?

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rekha.. do you trust your security guard ? Or as a matter of fact why would you trust the cook he recommended. He might team up with the cook to steal stuff from your house. Always use an agency and after reading these reviews I think you should try bookmybai. Seems promising..

Vinita Govind Parkar

Nagma.. really.. u got a cook who used to work for sushmita.. wow.. u r so lucky..

Pranali Kadlak

I also hired a good cook from bookmybai. But he does only cooking and no cleaning. But oh my god!!! What a cook. We have stopped going to restaurants. He said he used to work for sushmita sen earlier. I am so lucky to have him. Thank you bookmybai

Nagmadevi ABC

I hired a full time cook and cleaner from bookmybai. He knew basics of cooking and I had to train him accordingly for our food tastes and style. I pay him 14000 per month.

Parveen Shaikh

i agree with vinita

Pragati Parkar

Yea guys. Bookmybai usually contacts most of the trusted agencies in mumbai and looks for the best possible person for you. It saves you the hassle of haggling with those small agencies. I hired a full time nanny from them and she was so good. I recently let her go because I didnt need her anymore. In fact bookmybai also found her a new job as soon I told them that I dont need her anymore. They are so fast.

Shikha Gupta

Asmita, the ones who sit outside the railway stn are usully maharajs. They r vry expensive. They charge almost 1000 bucks a day!! Mihika.. would you want to pay so much ?

Noorjaha Sayyed

Contact your society security guard. They usually have contacts of maids and cooks.

Rekha Pradeep Jadhav

Are you looking for a male cook or a female cook? Generally there are spots outside the railway stations where these guys sit. You can hire them for a day or temporarily.

Asmita Malgaonkar

I think bookmybai supplies cook. Check with them once

Ankita Chavan

Looking for a cook cum cleaner in Bandra West for a couple.


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