Hire a married couple

Value for money - Hire a married couple for Rs. 25000 per month

We highly recommend hiring a married couple over a single maid

1. Since the husband and wife are both with you, they will seldom take a holiday to go to their village
2. Its economical. If you hire two different maids, then the cost will be over Rs. 30000. But a married couple will work for Rs. 25000
3. The couple will stay for a longer duration and not leave the job since they work together
Step 1 - Search 1) We provide married couples all over India. Work can be divided between the two of them. Salary starts at Rs. 25000 per month
Step 1 - Search 2) Fill the application form below
Step 2 - Watch interviews 3) We will share the available profiles with you
Step 3 - Sit back and relax 4) Once you finalize the profiles, we will send the couple to your city
Step 3 - Sit back and relax 5) We highly recommended hiring a couple over a single person

Our Charges

  • icon 21) One time recruitment fee: Rs. 25000 to be paid post selection. If the couple is from a different city then you will have to pay the train ticket fare (Taxes as applicable)
  • icon 22) 6-month replacement period - If the couple leaves for any reason or you fire them for any reason, then we will replace the couple for free of cost.

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