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How does it work?

Step 1 - Search 1) We provide japa maids all over India
Step 1 - Search 2) Fill the application form below
Step 2 - Watch interviews 3) We will get in touch with you and share the available profiles depending on the expected date of delivery
Step 3 - Sit back and relax 4) Once you finalize the maid the entire payment would need to be transferred to BookMyBai
Step 3 - Sit back and relax 5) Maid will join on the date blocked by you

Our Charges

  • icon 21) Monthly charges: Rs 35000. This includes the salary of the maid. You do not need to pay anything extra to the maid. (Taxes as applicable)
  • icon 22) If you need a maid for 40 days, then the charges would be for 1 month + 10 days on pro-rata basis. For example: For 40 days then charges would be Rs 35000 (for one month) + Rs 11600 (for next 10 days) (Taxes as applicable)
  • icon 23) Most of the Japa maids are based in Kolkata or Mumbai. In case you are not based in one of these cities then you will have to pay for the transportation of the maid. The salary will start from the day she boards the train. We can also send the maid through a flight if you prefer

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