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Please be generous. They need our help immediately right now.
As an additional support from Bookmybai, the amount that you donate today will be deducted in your bill whenever you hire a maid from us in the future. So you have nothing to lose.

How are we helping?

With the 21-day lockdown in place and no confirmation of whether this will end any time soon, all housing societies have banned part time domestic workers. Although many families have promised that they will not deduct the salaries of their helpers, however paying them has become an issue since they cant leave their homes and neither can they enter your building. Buying daily essentials has become a very large challenge for them. In these challenging times, Bookmybai has setup ‘Help the Helper’ welfare fund that will be accessible to the women who work as domestic workers in different parts of the country.

A little contribution from you can make a whole lot of difference in the lives of this vulnerable population who has otherwise been at the mercy of the local government.

How will your donations be used ?

How funds are used

  • To send food packages with essential grocery staples like rice, wheat flour, dal, sugar and more to domestic workers and their families
  • To provide medical supplies and emergency support for critical illnesses which might be COVID or otherwise to all domestic workers and their families

This is a 100% not-for-profit campaign. In fact Bookmybai has already committed Rs. 1 crore from its own fund into the campaign. All proceeds will be disclosed in a financial transparency report which will be sent to all the contributors at the end of the campaign.

Our Last Five Contributors

  • Prem Bajaj 21000
  • Aparna 20000
  • Manisha Bidawatka 11000
  • Rahul Agarwal 51000
  • Sandeep Mimani 8000

About Bookmybai

Bookmybai is a 5 year old social-impact organization based in Mumbai. It has helped over 120000 women across India get a livelihood opportunity and has pulled them out of the claws of poverty, abuse and harassment. It has offices in Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad along with satellite operations in other cities

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